Open Access Colonoscopy Program

Regular screening, beginning at age 45, is the key to preventing colorectal cancer (cancer of the colon or rectum). If you are 45 to 75 years old, it is important to get screened for colorectal cancer regularly. If you are younger than 45 and think you may be at high risk due to family history of colorectal cancer, or if you’re older than 75, talk to your doctor about preventative screenings. Colorectal polyps and colorectal cancer do not always cause symptoms, especially at first. That is why getting screened regularly for colorectal cancer is so important.

If you have not had a screening and are between the ages of 45-75, please talk to your doctor about how to get started.

Digestive Disease & Endoscopy Center Open Access Program

Our open access program makes it simple for patients to get screened for colon cancer. If you are healthy and between the age 45 to 65 and have an average risk for colon cancer, you may be able to schedule your procedure without having an office visit first.

How to know if open access is right for you

Open access is not the best choice for everyone. If you have a major illness such as poorly controlled diabetes, severe cardiac, respiratory, kidney problems, abdominal pain, or changes in your bowel habits, you will need to schedule an office visit before scheduling a procedure.

Complete the form below, once we have received the completed form, our office will reach out to you regarding your next steps. 

Open Access Patient Questionnaire (Online Form)

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